School renovation projects can be a delicate balancing act. It takes skill to work efficiently and stay on-budget without disrupting class schedules or distracting students. As the third and final phase of the Pilot Butte Middle School Renovation, our work on Building C began spring break of 2020. As such, time was of the essence. Thanks to our self-perform capabilities, we were able to complete this project well ahead of schedule. The school district was amazing to work with and we couldn’t be prouder to complete an amazing space for kids to grow and thrive.

About Pilot Butte Middle School

Located just beneath the landscape it’s named after, Pilot Butte Middle School serves approximately two hundred K-8 students. That’s two hundred future leaders and eager minds that need a safe, well-designed space to learn and grow.

Originally built in 1968, Pilot Butte Middle School’s first 2020 renovation goals were twofold: to modernize the school’s safety features while maintaining some of its original 60s charm. 

Of course, the most difficult part of this renovation was working with a live campus. Our team had to work odd hours to ensure we weren’t disrupting the students and their learning. Despite these challenges, we were able to finish the project much earlier than planned.

Pilot Butte Middle School Renovation

We worked with a great team at BLRB Architects on this project. By renovating Pilot Butte Middle School’s Building C, we helped the school create a safer learning environment for the students. Our work included modernizing finishes and electrical upgrades. We also upgraded the emergency notification system and controls. 

The Results

We were able to complete the Powell Butte Middle School renovation five weeks ahead of schedule. In large part, this was thanks to our self-perform capabilities. Since we weren’t just coordinating subcontractors, we could focus on the task at hand: getting the job done. That’s just one of the benefits of working with true builders 

Planning a school renovation project?

Whether you’re undertaking a campus-wide renovation or just want to update some of your school’s most important features, we’re your team. As self-perform contractors, we’re able to work faster, safer, and to the highest quality standards. When you’re ready to build, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch.