Alpenglow Community Park, Bend Oregon

Alpenglow Park Bend OR – This 37-acre park site is characterized by semi-arid high desert vegetation with mature stands of Ponderosa Pine, Junipers and a basalt ridge designated as an area of special interest by the City of Bend. This new community park will provide opportunities for a wide array of recreation activities for all ages and four-legged friends while retaining natural characteristics of the existing landscape. The park includes a splash pad, dog park, open lawn space, an event space, climbing boulder, pathways, restrooms, demonstration garden, installation of the COID bridge and trail work.
The attached video shows the crew lowering the new bridge over the railroad tracks at Alpenglow Park. The long-awaited step that brought the team that much closer to completion. The installation went off without a hitch as some of the local neighborhood gathered in back yards to watch the crane move the 71,000-lb. structure into place. After the bridge was set the Griffin Team set about pouring the elevated slab that connects the bridge to the park as a final step to completion of this amazing city park.