Imbler High School Seismic Upgrade

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Project Status
Completed August 2018
Project Type
ZCS Engineering & Architecture
Imbler, OR
Contract Amount
$ 1,215,320

Imbler High School Seismic, Imbler, OR: (CM/GC) The seismic retrofit includes the rehabilitation to the existing lateral system components in order to meet the requirements for Life Safety as outlined in ASCE 41-13. This will be accomplished by adding to or altering the existing structure and lateral load path to the building foundation.

Imbler School District
"When we entered into the project, we had two concerns: cost and time. Sam and his crew were able to deliver on both."
"Sam has said more than once that he likes to under promise and over deliver. I found that to be the case in our project. Because of the experience of his company, we were able to complete the project under budget, which allowed us to make more improvements to our facility that we did not anticipate being able to complete, such as an ADA sidewalk and sport floor in our weight room. We were also able to begin school when it was scheduled to begin. I can’t say enough about his integrity. I highly recommend Griffin Construction, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to their work. Angie Lakey-Campbell, Superintendent, Imbler School District "
Angie Lakey-Campbell, , Superintendent, Imbler School District