Emigrant Creek

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Project Status
Completed August 2021
Project Type
Design/ Build
Steele Associates Architects LLC
Hines, OR
Contract Amount

Griffin Construction broke ground September 2020 on a brand-new design/build of a 14,300 SF Interagency Fire Facility in Hines, Oregon. This building was a partnership between the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and US Fish and Wildlife Service. This building was the first design/build facility in many years for the US Forest Service and will be used as an example for future design/build contracts for years to come. This is a direct result of Griffin Construction’s efforts and expertise with Design Builds.
Originally the Forest Service was thinking that the only way they could afford to build this building was by using modular buildings, that is until Griffin Construction stepped up to the plate. We showed them how we could design and build a brand new site-built building for their budget.

The building consists of multiple private office spaces, conference rooms, open office spaces, and fitness facility, and it will act as a command center for large wildfires in the area. The building was designed with a great amount of flexibility in mind to serve multiple different uses.

The Results
Griffin Construction was able to complete this project on a tight budget and 30 days ahead of schedule. This success was fueled by Griffin Construction’s ability to self-perform many scopes of work on the project including concrete, framing, weather barrier, siding, roofing, windows, doors and hardware, and specialties. Griffin Construction has provided the US Forest Service a beautiful new facility that will serve its needs and that of the local community for many years to come.