IMPORTANT NOTICE – Updated 06.30.2020

Update to Operating Procedures

COMPANY POLICY COVID 19 as of 06/30/20

In an effort to comply with Federal and State Law, Griffin Construction LLC is adopting the following company policy in regards to its employees and the COVID-19 Pandemic, while our jobsites remain open and operational during this pandemic. This is in an effort to protect Griffin Construction LLC’s most important commodity, our employees. We have developed the following directive assuming that the State or Federal Government does not direct us otherwise:

  • Added 06/30/2020 – All employees working in an INTERIOR workspace must wear face masks at all times, even if not working in close contact. Employees working OUTDOORS are not required to wear a mask as long as social distancing (6 feet of separation) is maintained. 
  • Any employee that has symptoms of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus), including a runny nose, cough, trouble breathing or a temperature greater than 99.6 degrees, will be required to stay off of any Griffin Construction LLC job site and not come in contact with any other Griffin Construction LLC employee, until symptom free or clinically proven to no longer have the virus.
  • Any employee that has contracted COVID-19, will be eligible for sick time pay as attached company policy. Any employee not experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above but know that you have been in contact with someone who has the virus or that you have recently visited an area with a concentration of infected individuals or if you have traveled outside of the country (USA), you will be asked to notify the main office.
  • You will be advised to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days or to follow any directive mandated by the Government. During the quarantine period you will be eligible to receive sick time pay as per attached company policy. Any employee that voluntarily elects to be placed in self-quarantine will be eligible for sick time pay per attached company policy. 

Griffin Construction LLC requires 24 notice prior to any employee electing self-quarantine In reference to the situations detailed above, if you are or become sick you can use any accumulated sick leave or other paid time off (Vacation), if eligible, including FMLA time. If unable to work, employees may also file for unemployment.

Off of the job we encourage all Griffin Construction LLC employees to follow common sense guidelines that will greatly reduce the chance of contacting the disease. Furthermore our company is adopting COVID-19 job site safety practices as published by AGC Oregon Columbia Chapter (see attached). Some key points to remember and practice include:

  • Do not touch another individual and practice social distancing (6 feet distance).
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Stay away from groups of people.
  • Clean frequently touched areas often, (door knobs, counter tops, phones, etc.)
  • Don’t allow random individuals to enter your home or your vehicle.