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Prineville Secure Storage Facility

PRINEVILLE, OR                                                                                         Completed July 2015 
Original Contract Amount: $4.4M  

OWNER: MDK Investments LLC


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: New 105,000 sf facility consisting of 12 separate building structures and extensive earthwork, onsite and offsite improvements on an 8  acre site.  Completed July 2015.

VALUE ADDED: We recently completed the Prineville Secure Storage facility using the CM/GC procurement style. We used our preconstruction services to bring  our client a real value of over $100,000 with our recommendation to the design team on removing a concrete retaining wall and revising grades. With our strong self perform knowledge of concrete and carpentry, Griffin Construction sames REAL money too!  The value of Griffin Construction's self perform capabilities is realized when it comes time to GMP, and during construction with quality control, and keeping the project on track from start to finish. We self performed all of the concrete and carpentry for Prineville Secure Storage enabling our client to get the best market price for the work!